Nature Zone Holiday Club Term and Conditions

We believe that the standard terms and conditions reflect the custom and practice of other private day care providers.  The rules about notice and payment of fees are designed to promote stability, assist forward planning and the correct resourcing of JJ’s.  Nothing within the terms and conditions affects the parents/guardians statutory rights.  To enable us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care, we require all parents to be aware of, and abide by the following conditions:-


  • Minimum attendance for Nursery and Pre-school children is 15hrs per week. Minimum attendance for before/after school club children is 3 sessions per week each.
  • Full fees are still payable during periods of your child’s illness/absence, this includes the 14 day isolation period due to covid/19
  • If you decide to leave or reduce the level of attendance long term, four weeks’ written notice and fees are required.
  • An admin and registration fee of £60 per child 0-4 yrs (Nursery) & £10 per child 4-14 yrs (Before and After School Club) is required to register your child with JJ’s. This fee is non-refundable and secures your child’s place.
  • Fees are payable if there is a delay in taking up the registered place as this has been reserved for your child and no-one else can take it. (e.g. on holiday, moving into the area or starting back to work after maternity)
  • Fees are invoiced on a monthly basis at the start of each calendar month and payment is required to be cleared in JJ’s account by the 10th of that month. We accept cash, online bank transfer, employer childcare vouchers or tax free childcare.  If invoices are not paid by this date, you will incur a £16.00 late payment charge up to the first 5 workings days per child.  Every week thereafter, a £16.00 charge will be added to each child’s account until full payment is received.  Fees and charges more than 2 weeks overdue will result in your child not being able to attend JJ’s until fees are up to date.  
  • JJ’s claims the Government free entitlement on your behalf (2, 3 & 4 year olds) but it is your responsibility to check your eligibility for 2 year funding and the 3 & 4 year additional hours and make sure your eligibility code is valid for us to make the claim. We can’t claim the additional funding without a valid code.  Any extra sessions/hours taken over the entitlement will be invoiced as above with the same rules applying.  We charge a supplement per funded session towards consumables and food etc
  • For unauthorised late collection of children – The charge is £6.00 up to the first 15 minutes, then up to every 15 minutes thereafter another £6.00 will be charged, to a maximum of £24 for up to the hour. It is our policy that if a child has not been collected after 1 hour and we have not heard anything from you or we are unable to get hold of you or your emergency contacts, then Social Services will be contacted.
  • For unauthorised early drop off of children without prior notice – Charges are £6.00. This charge is for up to 15 mins before the session is due to start, anything over that length of time will also be charged at the standard hourly rate of care.
  • We are often asked to write letters to 3rd parties, eg, tax credit office, family solicitors, schools, etc. We charge a £10 admin fee for these types of administrative services.  Copy invoices are also charged at £1 per invoice, so please keep your invoices safe if you require them as proof of childcare at the end of your tax year as these charges would apply for this too.
  • School Holiday Clubs – Once holiday club sessions for school age children have been confirmed via email, they are chargeable. If you cancel any sessions booked, you will still be charged.  If any extra sessions are taken over the holiday clubs, these will be added to your next invoice. 
  • Our fees are reviewed on an annual basis each summer, with parents/carers being informed of new prices no less than one month in advance. New fees will come into effect from 1st September each year.
  • Senior staff will ring the emergency contact numbers on your registration form if your child becomes ill during a session. Please make sure that you and your child’s emergency contacts are familiar with collection procedures.  If the child has an accident, then we will follow our procedure for administering first aid ourselves or by a qualified medical team.
  • You must advise us in advance if the person collecting your child is new to us. The new person who is collecting your child must bring some photo ID and give the agreed password before we release the child.
  • If your child’s details change during their time with us, you must inform us of this change on our communication app. (e.g. new phone numbers, change of address, allergies etc). It is your responsibility to update us on any changes.
  • It is your responsibility to ring JJ’s if your child is unable to attend on their designated days due to illness, appointments, etc.
  • JJ’s Kiddycare is obliged by law to report to the Social Services any concerns or incidences where we consider a child may have been neglected or abused. This may be done without informing the parent/guardian.
  • Written permission is required for any prescription medicines required to be given to your child. The medicine must be in the original container otherwise our staff will not be able to administer it. (Form available upon request)
  • We will not administer calpol unless it is in an emergency situation to reduce their temperature. If children need calpol regularly throughout the day, they are deemed too ill to attend JJ’s until they are better.
  • We ask that toys or games are not brought in from home as they can get lost/damaged and cause squabbles. JJ’s cannot take responsibility for this happening.  Comforters are still permitted for sleep times and during settling in periods initially.


Sometimes nurseries are put into a difficult position where parents have headhunted staff from them.  This can be damaging for the business and has a great impact on the level of care and efficiency of the nursery.


  • Members of staff are prohibited from working for parents during what would normally be working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday 7.30 am – 6.30 pm, paid or unpaid. Parents are requested to respect this and not ask members of staff to break their employment contracts in this respect.
  • JJ’s staff may be separately employed by yourselves outside of these hours, e.g. babysitting in the evening or weekends, but this must be arranged outside of JJ’s between yourself and the babysitter, therefore nothing to do with your families contract with JJ’s Kiddycare.


In recognition of this, parents’ acceptance of these terms balances the needs of all concerned.